2017 Short Stories

As many who follow my blog know, throughout 2017 I had a resolution: to write one short story each month.  Well I decided to compile those short stories into one place here on the blog for convenience, so that those who are interested don’t have to go digging to find them.  Enjoy!


Artificial Judgment

A series of audio transcripts detail the interactions between computer engineer Matthew Anders and Henry, the artificial intelligence he created.  When Henry begins asking unexpected questions, Anders finds himself pulled into an escalating situation that grows more dangerous with each passing day.



John Turner has a dream, a dream that has haunted his sleep for months.  But when the dream begins to creep into his waking life, John finds himself questioning the very reality around him.


Through Enemy Eyes

On a faraway planet, trapped after a cave-in, two soldiers from opposite sides of a war find they have more in common than they thought.


When the World Looked Up

A mysterious signal transfixes the people of Earth and forces them to confront a new reality:

They are not alone.


Alien Emotions

An alien scientist is forced to land on an uncharted planet and encounters a civilization of tiny people who live on mysterious, floating rocks.  As his studies progress, the scientist begins to question not only his upbringing, but the doctrine his species’ entire civilization is based on.


The Crying in the Lighthouse

A lighthouse keeper facing possible imminent termination begins hearing a strange crying at night that upends his normally monotonous existence.


Corpus Machina

A mysterious stranger appears in Doctor Fortner’s house one night, and there is something off about him…


By the Victors

An alien race has made contact with humans, creating an embassy on their world.  However, over time resentment begins to spread between the two species, and as a historic vote nears two friends find themselves on opposite sides of the fence.


Outside Operational Parameters

Allan Mayhew finds himself dragged back to Washington D.C. after an autonomous military drone from a government project he used to work on goes rogue.



Stranded on the floor of an alien ocean, Thomas Haskins confronts his past regrets.


Out of Mind

When the cargo spaceship Celeste abruptly returns to Earth, there is only one survivor: Sidney Lehmann.  Inside his mind lies the key to understanding what happened.



A strange, otherworldly being finds himself drawn to a frustrated pianist.