A Man Walks Into A Bar

A man walks into a bar

He’s been here a thousand times before

He sits down on a stool

orders his favorite drink

and whiles the night away


A man walks into a bar

He’s only been here once or twice before

Unsure of himself, he lets his eyes wander

After a minute he sits down

and asks the bartender what’s good here


A man walks into a bar

looking to use the restroom

He finishes his business

then quickly exits

It’s a dark and dingy place

Shadow-bound faces hoot and cough

as suffocating smoke spews forth from their lips


A man walks into a bar

and sits down at a stool

He catches the eye of a woman

wearing a cheap, revealing dress of red

They strike up a conversation

and later leave in her car


He’ll remember this night

as his lawyer hands him the divorce papers


A man walks into a bar

As he sits he notices the wandering eyes of a woman

scantily-clad in a red dress

He shrugs off her advances

After all, he’s a married man


A man walks into a bar

Silver revolver gleaming underneath

his heavy, brown leather coat

The bartender’s eyes are wide

as the two molded hunks of silver lead

pierce his flesh

The two stare each other in the eye as chaos erupts

People fleeing in a panic

Knocking over large pitchers of beer in their wake

Shattered glass coating the dark wood floor


Before he fires one last shot into the bartender’s head

The man says, “you’ll never have her.”


A man walks into a bar

Clueless and devastated

He orders a beer

and spends the night wallowing in the brown foam

He tells his story to the bartender

He tells him about how his wife left him

seemingly without provocation or cause

He shows the bartender a picture

The bartender’s face flinches

almost imperceptibly


Later that night the bartender makes a call

Tells the woman on the other end that it’s off

He’s seen the pain his actions have caused


A man breaks into a bar

It’s after closing time

The bar is silent and barren

A red can of gasoline jostles up and down

as the man walks behind the bar

He lifts the can up over his head and shakes it

Dark liquid spreads all over the counter

and drips onto the floor


Reports of the fire would hit early in the morning

The man would never know that the bartender slept

in a loft above

until the silver-colored cuffs click around his wrists


A man walks into a bar

and orders a drink

He enjoys himself for a while

But then he wonders

Wonders about the choices he’s made

The choices he will make

And the choices he could have made


He wonders if somewhere…


Someone made those choices that he didn’t

He wonders if someone took a left

when he took a right

Where would that man be now?

The thoughts perturb him

and he sits motionless for a minute

the dim lighting casting his face

in half-shadow


But then the man shakes his head

and returns to his drink

Maybe it’s better not to know



Thanks for reading!  This was something a little more experimental than what I usually do, so let me know if you enjoyed it.  Check back next Wednesday for another post, and as always, have a wonderful week.

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