Life Among the Stars: The Possibility of Aliens

Let’s set the mood with some music.  Why?  Don’t ask questions.



The setting?  Roswell, New Mexico.  The year?  1947.

It’s a clear, starry night in New Mexico when a strange object crashes near a ranch.  It is said to be circular in shape.  The government denies its existence, claiming that the debris was merely the remnants of a weather balloon.  But what really happened there all those years ago?  What really crashed in the middle of the desert?  Was there more than one?  Were the bodies recovered?  No one really knows…except for the ALIENS!

They’ve been watching us for a long time now…waiting…biding their time until they can enact their master plan.  They’ve been poking, prodding, abducting…looking for strategic weaknesses (because beings with the technology to travel to Earth would totally need to do that).  The government and the military have been trying to hold them back for decades, but their grasp on the situation is weakening.  Their efforts aren’t enough to save us.  It’s too late.

The invasion has already begun.

At least, that’s what some people like to think.  I am not one of them fortunately.

You can uh……you can turn off the music now.  If you haven’t already.


Being a big fan of science-fiction it’s no wonder that the idea of extraterrestrial life would be fascinating to me.  But there’s so many different perspectives on the idea of alien life that the question has to be answered: where do I lie on the spectrum?

Personally I believe that the universe is far too large for there not to be intelligent life out there somewhere.  Even considering the numerous factors that have to be taken into account for a world to be within the “Goldilocks zone” (the habitable zone near a star), there are far too many stars and galaxies out there that I can’t fathom the idea that Earth would be the only planet in all of existence to produce intelligent life.  So yes, I believe there is intelligent life somewhere out there in the universe.  Will we encounter aliens within my lifetime?  Probably not.  Considering the immense amount of space that has to be traversed in order to get from planet to planet, and how advanced they would be when they got here, I highly doubt they would care about us.  They’d probably just make a note of us and continue on their way.

So no, I don’t believe that aliens have already visited us.  There’s no evidence to support any claims like that.  Sure, we have plenty of conspiracy theories, but none of them have any solid ground to stand on.  Take the Roswell incident.  Sure, something odd happened in that desert in 1947, but nothing that screams “aliens”.  And sure, the government did deliberately hide things from the public, but documents released decades later show that it was little more than an Air Force project that went awry.  So, basically, no aliens.  Sorry guys.

I’m a Star Trek fan, so my idea of aliens is more along the lines of “people with their own problems and concerns” as compared to the “BLARG monster kill” version that we see so often in Hollywood movies these days.  I find it strangely funny how all of these alien invasion movies hinge on the fact that aliens would for some reason feel compelled to come down and smack the living crap out of us.  Maybe they get off on it or something, who knows?

The interesting thing about alien invasion movies is that they usually reflect our cultural attitudes at the time.  Take War of the Worlds for instance.  In the old 1950’s version, the aliens come from Mars, which was a reflection of how the Soviet Union was considered the enemy at the time.  We knew who our foe was.  But in the 2005 remake, the origin of the aliens is left unknown.  Instead of the tripods coming down on meteors like in the ’50s version, the machines were already there to begin with, buried under the Earth since before humanity even existed.  In this sense, it reflected our fear of being subverted from within, of the enemy already being among us (i.e. terrorists).

In any case I think that our imagination of aliens is probably going to be far from the reality.  Realistically, the chance of finding alien life in a humanoid form is pretty slim (not impossible, but slim).  So probably no Greys, no Romulans, and certainly no freaking Gungans (nobody likes you Jar Jar…NOBODY).  There’s also the chance that if we do encounter alien life, we might not even recognize it as life.

But until we are actually able to venture out among the stars and explore the universe in full, we’ll have to be content with our imaginations.


That’s all I have for this week.  Tune in next Wednesday for another post, and as always, have a wonderful week everyone.



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